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Vacation Rentals Need Interior Floor Plans

Interior floor plans

There are a lot of Vacation Rental property owners and managers that are missing that one key picture that leads to a successful rental history. That picture is an Interior Floor Plan. Perhaps you’ve gone out and borrowed one of your friends expensive camera and shot four dozen pictures of your beautiful vacation home. Then you try and get the pictures uploaded to your listing site in some order or semblance you think might make sense. But the collage of photos are missing some sort of glue that holds your entire house concept together.

That necessary glue is an interior floor plan that indicates where each one of the pictures was taken. Your interior floor plan shows how all those beautiful pictures you took flow together. A potential renter wants to know how that picture of a gorgeous kitchen is connected to the dining area? Where are the bedrooms located? Main or second floor? How close are the bathrooms? Where do the kids sleep? Do we have to share a bedroom wall with a family member who snores every vacation? The answer to these questions can make or break a week getaway for a family.

So do yourself and your renters a favor and include a professionally laid out interior floor plan in your arsenal of beautiful pictures. For less than half the price of a one night’s stay in your rental, you can have a professional from come by and laser measure your entire home in approximately an hour.

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