Interior Floor Plans


There are several services offers.

Quick & Accurate Floor Plans

What if you’re out in the field at a customers site looking to run a Wi-Fi survey, or you’re a home owner, or a property manager and you need a quick and accurate floor plan? Well has made it easy to have one made for you in just two steps. Please follow these simple instructions and will do the rest. Here they are.

Step #1

All that is needed is a sketch. If you are doing the sketch yourself you can get free graph paper at Hit the printer button on the bottom right to print. Note* -make sure you’re in “letter size” with your printer. This will leave you with a 30 x 40 box area to draw the perimeter of your house, office or building.  If you can’t access a computer and printer, draw out the foundation and interior walls on a blank sheet of paper.

Start by drawing the exterior of the building first. Then draw the interior walls and indicate where the windows are and which way the doors swing. *Remember- It’s best to measure the longest wall available- for accuracy. Many times this is most easily obtained by measuring the exterior with a tape measure. One carefully measured distance is all we need to scale the building.

Step #2

Send your sketch to Interior Floor Plans. This is done by taking a picture of the graph paper and sketch with your smartphone. This is done most effectively by shooting the picture in landscape mode and looking directly down at your sketch. Next you need to email your picture(s) of your plans to us at Once we have received your plans successfully, (meaning we can read and scale your plans properly) we will send you notification and an invoice that must be paid prior to starting work on your plans. You have the option to pay from your phone or online at