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Interior Floor Plans is a digital marketing company that uses the latest design and drawing technology for the Real Estate and Vacation Rental Industries. We also work with commercial property management companies and homeowners who are looking to elevate exposure for their properties. Interior Floor Plans, has several ways to market your property. Our most popular method is to visit the site and laser measure the dimensions of the business or residence. Those dimensions are computed into 2-D and 3-D floor plan renderings which can be shared with potential buyers, sellers and renters. The other services we have available can be reviewed here.

Though Interior Floor Plans just opened their doors in 2014, the heart of the business started with owner Dale Buckey over 20 years ago. After building tract homes in Maine for ten years, Mr. Buckey moved back to Rhode Island in 1991, to concentrate on fine homebuilding along the RI coast. Working with upper end clientele, communications became even more important. It was then Dale saw the need for a better way to draw and send floor plans back and forth to homeowners. Mr. Buckey’s latest advancement in drawing technology fulfills that need.

Today, is prepared to work with groups and agencies of all sizes. We also specialize in working with individual property owners.

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